super mario mug pipe mug

If drinking from a pipe connected to a sewer makes you feel squeamish, then you better look away. Or not. This is a mug made to look like a pipe, not a real life pipe but a cartoony-looking pipe from Super Mario games.

super mario mug pipe mug 2

super mario mug pipe mug 3

The mug holds 14 ounces of liquid, which is suitable for anything from morning coffee to soda which will perk you up as you start a day of work, school or play. You’ll probably be convinced that drinking from this Super Mario inspired mug gives an extra kick than a normal mug.

The Super Mario style pipe mug is made from high-impact ceramic, measures at 4.25” tall and 4” wide. Available for $34 at Fangamer inclusive of a random coaster per set.