radio controlled running rc trash bin 1

Call it convenience or even a gadget for very lazy people all you want, but this RC trash bin is certainly one fun-looking and useful item for a house.

Perhaps you don’t want to get off your seat while playing a game, watching your favorite TV show or in the middle of a movie right in your living room but need to throw away stuff like your snack packaging and used tissues.

radio controlled running rc trash bin 2

All you need to do is have the remote controller of the RC trash bin within an arm’s length and you’ll be able to remotely control it to travel to you for throwing rubbish and then out of sight immediately with minimal disruption to your ongoing activity.

radio controlled running rc trash bin 3

Not only does this trash bin run on wheels just like an RC toy car, it can also fold into a compact size for storage when not in use.

One clever idea is to get kids and even the old ones to help clean up the house in a fun way. Simply provide them with the RC controller and have them control this running RC trash bin around the whole house while picking up unwanted garbage along the way.

radio controlled running rc trash bin 4

The radio-controlled running trash bin is available in three colors, black, blue, and white and retails for 1600 yen on Strapya-World.