storage house of boxes desk tidy

A bunch of stacked cardboard boxes often can be regarded as a mess, but here’s a stack of cardboard boxes that don’t look messy at all, because they are made to stack neatly in the shape of a house.

The bunch of storage boxes comes in the shape of a house, that comes with many square holes suitable for holding items like stationery. The holes each hold an open-top cardboard box which can be used like shelves. Most of them come in the same size, except for two larger ones for larger items.

The best thing is that if you don’t like the original brown color they come in, you are free to paint and decorate the house in any way you want to. You can get a few houses specially made to hold items like gadgets, and another one specially for jewelry and accessories.

A cool-looking storage idea for use as a desk tidy or for storing accessories.

The storage house of boxes measures 38.7 x 6.7 x 40.8cm and retails for £23.99 from ‘I want one of those’.