If you have colourful dreams every night, where you jump around platforms and have your own head bash towards a bouncy square box then you’ll most probably be a Mario fanatic. To ensure that you continue to see those mushrooms even when you wake up in the middle of the night to take a pee, be sure to grab one of these USB Mushroom Lamps from Brando.

USB Mushroom Lamp 1

USB Mushroom Lamp 2 USB Mario Lamp 3 USB Mushroom Lamp 4

Each lamp weighs in at 161g and measures about 13cm. They run on either 4-AA batteries or USB connection. Since the light source is from a single whilte-LED contained within, I don’t think they will be very power consuming, but they won’t be as bright as compared to typical compact fluorescents either.

The USB Mushroom Lamps go for US$13 (SGD$18.73) each with 3 colours to choose from.

Product Page via Gear Live