thumbs up like paperclip 1

Here’s one paperclip that will emulate those of the Facebook ‘Like’ button, a paperclip that comes in the shape of a thumbs up icon. This thumbs up will not be able to give a thumbs up or ‘like’ anything that’s online though, but it will do a nice job of adding a thumbs up or thumbs down to a real tangible document.

thumbs up like paperclip 2

The thumbs up paperclip come with the image of a hand holding a thumbs up sign on the wire frame handle of the paperclip. When you clip them to the side of the document, you can either give a thumbs up signal indicating ‘Like’ or a thumbs down sign that indicates ‘Dislike’. But if you have a neutral opinion about it, I guess you can simply clip it right at the top to show a ‘so-so’ sign.

An interesting looking paperclip that provides a twist on the design of an ordinary paperclip.

The thumbs up ‘Like’ paperclip retails for NT$180 for six per pack from 25togo.