tilt-shift battlefield 3 1

Many of us know of the technique called tilt-shifting which can make objects in a picture or video look like toy miniatures. This can be done using tilt-shift lens during image capture or using filters during image processing to achieve the effect.

tilt-shift battlefield 3 2

tilt-shift battlefield 3 3

Here’s the tilt-shift technique applied to something that takes place in a game, and that’s the FPS game Battlefield 3, produced by Independent Gamers on Youtube. Just like what it does to the objects of the real world, the tilt-shift technique is also capable of turning in-game objects such as the vehicles into tiny toy tanks.

Watch the tilt-shift Battlefield 3 video by Independent Gamers in action below:



The tilt-shift filter and the time-lapse applied to the game scene of Battlefield 3 sure gives it a different dimension to the look and feel of a first-person shooter game. Cool stuff there.