timer activated led push pin 1

Memos and to-do lists are tools that help us to remember things that we need to do or keep in mind. Here’s one concept of an LED push-pin that takes one step further when it comes to notes and memos on  a notice board.

timer activated led push pin 2

timer activated led push pin 3

With a normal push pin, its purpose is to simply fix a note or memo onto a notice board. With the addition of light, it makes that note just that bit more noticeable. With the addition of a timer that controls when the push-pin lights up, it makes this little piece of stationery ever more useful.

The timer-activated lighted push-pin concept is a design from Kim Sung Min. Basically it’s a large version of a push-pin, which probably has to be made that way to house the intricate electronics within. It comes with a unique yet useful feature that makes it possible to set a timer to count down by turning a dial on the LED push pin.

The timer needs to be set beforehand, just like an alarm clock, and set to count down to the time when the note should be active. When it’s time to make the memo more prominent, the LED push pin does so and lights up to gain a bit more attention on a board to remind you of the stuff written on the note.

One creative and unique way for spicing up the traditional notice board with this useful and cool-looking timer-activated LED push pin. Hopefully it will make its way into the consumer market soon.