tiny tim clip-on book light
A nice lamp for reading while at night just before sleep is often preferred to bright overhead lights for many of us. The soft ambient light from a small lamp does help to induce sleeping as we read a book. Here’s one lamp, a really tiny one that clips right on the book that you read, providing just enough to read a page without disturbing anyone around.

This lamp, called the Tiny Tim book light looks just like a desk lamp and comes with a flexible arm attached to the bulb. However, it is tiny in size, so tiny it is small enough to clip on a cover of a book and stand upright for reading a page of a book in the dark.

The miniature sized book clip-on light simply spells cute. The mini book light comes with an LED bulb, which is pretty efficient and makes it possible to be powered by batteries for a reasonable amount of time. One nice gift idea for a book-lover.

The Tiny Tim clip-on book light retails for $6.90 from Amazon.