tissue-box-disguised-as-book 1

After spending a small fortune getting the look of a room right, the simple things sometimes spoil the entire look of the room. Take tissue boxes for example, they come in so many colors and designs that it’s hard to get them matched to the table. Unfortunately they are pretty much so indispensable that we don’t have much choice but to leave them in an accessible location.

Some of us may prefer using tissue box covers to hide the ‘unpleasant’ designs that such tissue boxes can come in, while others will opt for the more sturdy boxes. If the classy look is what you’re going for, these cases that disguise ordinary tissue boxes into hardcover books will leave the table and room looking just as classy as before.

tissue-box-disguised-as-book 2

All in all, you’ll get a tissue-dispensing ‘book’ that can be safely hidden amongst an existing stack on the table or the bookshelf. Comes in two designs, silver and gold. 1890 yen, D-Forme.