titanic shaped ice cube tray 1

Titanic is one of the most famous shipwrecks in history, and it has also been made into a blockbuster movie. Now you can have your very own Titanic scene in your drink.

titanic shaped ice cube tray 2

titanic shaped ice cube tray 3

This is an ice tray that lets you make ice shaped like the famous ship, the Titanic. Not only that, it lets you make four ships at a time, together with another four of its known nemeses, an iceberg that allegedly crashed into it.

With this ice tray you can use it to make anything from ice, jelly, and even chocolate, which will add a bit of fun for a party or gathering.

A cool ice tray mold perfect for almost everyone but sailors.

The Titanic shaped ice tray retails for $3.46 from Amazon.