tocky touch rolling alarm clock 1
Alarm clocks can be made to be gentle or simply outright annoying. For heavy sleepers, the ones that are annoying is a much better choice since they are able to get the job done. Here’s one annoying clock called the Tocky Touch that not only looks cute, but will require quite a bit of work to get the alarm deactivated for its owner to completely wake up.

tocky touch rolling alarm clock 2

The Tocky Touch is the newer version of its predecessor that came with wheels. Instead of rolling on wheels when the alarm sounds, this version of the Tocky Touch is able to wobble off its base and roll about on its own body, even rolling off the night stand and onto the floor. The only way to stop it is for the user to pick it up to deactivate the alarm.

Watch the video of the Tocky Touch alarm clock in action below:



It comes with a protective silicone casing that will shield the alarm clock from the bumps and knocks that it will get as it rolls about uncontrollably in the mornings.

A nice touch is that the alarm clock is supplied with a USB cable that allows you to upload the music of your choice for the alarm, which means it can either be a gentle waking up tune, or a noise as annoying as hell that will get you off the bed in an instant.

The Tocky Touch rolling alarm clock is available in six colors, black, white, red, orange, kiwi, and aqua and retails for $69.99 from Amazon.