This toilet bowl house featured in the news a few weeks ago will finally be completed on November 11th 2007. Located in Seoul, the house shaped like a toilet bowl is built to promote cleaner and hygenic toilets around the world.

Toilet House

The $1.1m building built to commemorate the World Toilet Association Convention to be held from November 21st to the 25th this year in Seoul takes up 419 square metres of space and features four deluxe toilets, one built specially with music and electronic sensors that raises the toilet lid when someone enters.

For anyone who wishes to take a peek inside the house, a $1 donation will be imposed. A night’s stay in the house will only come in the form of an invitation from the owner and costs $50,000. Proceeds generated will go to the support of the cause.

via Spluch

View the video of the toilet bowl house after the jump.