tomy pop-up pirate toy game set 1

Here’s one toy set that only spells fun for a bunch of friends and family. A pop-up pirate game from Tomy. This game set recommends 2 to 4 players, though the numbers can vary quite a bit but the fun still remains.

tomy pop-up pirate toy game set 2

tomy-pop-up-pirate-toy-game-set 3

Each player takes turns to insert the plastic sword into the barrel where the pirate sits right in the middle of it. Every time the toy sword is inserted into the pirate, there is a random chance that the pirate will suddenly pop out. The player can either insert it slowly and carefully like a surgeon or fast and furious like a warrior, but no one can be sure at which moment the pirate will suddenly pop out for a big surprise.

When the pirate pops out, the round is over and the swords can be taken out and the pirate inserted back into his barrel to start a new round.

One fun game that has been seen on many Japanese TV shows, and also a great toy for penalty games, where the player that happens to be the unfortunate one that causes the pirate to jump out will have to serve the punishment stipulated by everyone at the beginning of the round.

The Tomy pop-up pirate toy game set retails for $13.82 from Amazon.