top 5 minecraft rollercoasters 1

Here’s a cool video of the top 5 rollercoasters built in Minecraft featured by Machinima. Though not real-life rollercoasters, they are simply one of the many fun things that can be built in Minecraft that are made from mine tracks and mine carts that can be crafted in the game.

top 5 minecraft rollercoasters 2

Apart from the many trial and errors that come with experimenting with different designs and trying to build rollercoaster tracks that do not come with structural integrity while defying the laws of gravity at the same time, the beautiful creation that arises from all that hard work and being able to ride on it is by far the most satisfying.

Not for those with weak hearts and those with a fear of riding a rollercoaster, even if it’s just a game.

Watch the top 5 Minecraft rollercoasters and enjoy “riding” on them in first person view below: