Toshiba libretto W100 dual screen netbook

This is the first netbook we’ve seen that not only eliminates the keyboard but also comes with a secondary display in place of it, making it a total of two dual multi-touch 7” screens. The Toshiba libretto® W100 netbook is one netbook that maximizes your screen real estate this way.

Even without a keyboard, typing and navigation is made possible with the virtual on-screen keyboard and soft track pad. Specs include a 1.2GHz Intel Pentium processor, 2GB RAM and Windows 7 home premium OS. It also comes with a solid-state hard drive, built-in microSD card reader and a 1MP webcam.

This looks like a sweet piece of gadget for watching movies and listening music on the go, however with that many screens there’s always an issue about battery life. As for the Toshiba W100, it is able to run at an average of 3.5 hours per charge.

The ultraportable netbook is slated to retail in a few months at a price of $1,099. Watch the video below to see the W100 in action.