If you’re shy or worried about having people to look directly into your face trying to guess your facial expressions, the ‘Mask of Emotion’ will definitely take the guesswork out of the equation.


A project of the Digital Media Design Dept at Hongik University in Korea, this spherical mask has its surfaces lined up with LEDs that light up to show different emoticons commonly used in online communication.

Here’s how the mask actually works:
At the default setting, the mask at first shows no emotion; but if someone goes up and gives the user a handshake, the mask smiles in accordance to the feelings of the wearer without him/her actually showing their face!

The actual aim of the project by the Korean University was to demonstrate how an object like the mask is able to hide the personal feelings of the user yet display a set of emotions that are publicly recognizeable. Besdes that, it will definitely attract tons of attention leading to a great conversation opener.

While the object looks as novel as it seems, it will be impossible to imagine the impact it can cause in the degeneration of human communication, should it go into mass circulation. Scary.

via Make