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Space can be quite a luxury especially in apartments and rented rooms, therefore there’s always a demand for space-saving furniture and ideas to make use of every available space in the most efficient way.

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transforming desk to bed combo 3

Here’s one bed from BLESS arranged in a room by Mira Schroeder  that doubles up as a desk in a very space-saving way. However, this bed that can be used as a desk doesn’t allow you to put stuff on it when not in use, because it will be gone when the desk appears. How it transforms into a desk and back is in its design, where it can be flipped 180 degrees to change into either bed or desk mode. Not only does it provide a considerable amount of desk area to work with, it also eliminates the need to get a separate desk and considerably smaller one just to fit in a tight spot.

It doesn’t really come without drawbacks though, as when it’s time to sleep, anything that you have placed on it in the desk configuration has to be put away in order to flip the bed over. However, it should not very a huge sacrifice if space is more important so portable gadgets and items will be recommended for such a setup. A pretty decent tradeoff for one large desk to work on during the day and a nice bed to sleep at night.

A clever design for a transforming bed and desk combo that will be useful for singles.

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