pad chair transforming lounge chair 1

A lounge chair is basically a comfortable place where one will sit down and relax, and hopefully the last thing that comes to a person’s mind while sitting on a comfortable chair like this is something about work.

However, here’s one lounge chair that is able to change from relaxing mode to work mode in an instant, as it comes with a host of hidden features.

pad chair transforming lounge chair 2

pad chair transforming lounge chair 3

Just like a typical lounge chair, the [email protected] lounge chair by Martin Ballendat comes with a comfortable seat, armrests and backrest, but is able to change in an instant to accommodate today’s computing gadgets for one to work right out of the chair without getting up and finding another location just for surfing the web or replying emails with a portable computer.

Since we have more or less evolved into a mobile computing world, this lounge chair will be more useful for those who have larger devices or multiple devices in order to get the job done. Right in front is a swinging table that appears from below the armrest for a notebook computer or a tablet, and if needed there is a flip-out mousepad on the other side for either a wired or wireless mouse if needed.

A nice touch is a side compartment which allows for gadgets such as AC adaptor bricks or external batteries to be placed so they do not get in the way with their messy wires.

One cool chair that’s doesn’t only look comfortable but also provides a workspace on the fly when it’s needed to.