nikka lift-top coffee table 1

A coffee table is good for many purposes, such as for placing your coffee and for reading the news. However coffee tables aren’t made to be very tall, so if you plan to use it for working with a laptop computer, it may be bad for your back and eyes.

nikka lift-top coffee table 2

nikka lift-top coffee table 3

Here’s one coffee table that comes with a section that pops out of its top surface. What this does is that it provides a higher platform compared to it in its original form so you can view stuff at a more comfortable level. Not only does it help to prevent slouching over while using the laptop, it also lets you sit back and watch a movie from a portable device at a more comfortable angle.

The pop-out section also acts as the lid for storage area found at the bottom. Inside is where you can store stuff like magazines when not needed. Return the the hinged surface back into its original position and from the outside, nobody will even notice that it even has the ability to store stuff within itself.

A clever and creative design for a coffee table that can transform into a working area in the living room.

The Nikka Lift-Top coffee table retails for $429.99 from Amazon.