bulb flashlight multipurpose lightbulb torch 1

Here’s one cool light bulb that does a little but more than just being a light bulb. It actually can be unscrewed and turned into a handheld portable torch for emergencies.

bulb flashlight multipurpose lightbulb torch 2

This interesting light called the ‘Bulb Flashlight’ is a standard-sized screw-in light bulb with a twist to its design. The difference between itself and an ordinary one is that it’s made from high luminance efficient LED bulbs and comes with a built-in rechargeable battery.

During normal usage when connected to the light socket, it works just like normal while its internal battery charges up if it isn’t fully charged.

It’s special design will come into use in times of a blackout. When power supply has been cut, this light bulb unikel the others will be able to run on its internal battery to work like a portable flashlight. All that is needed is to unscrew the bulb from the socket, extend its telescopic neck and switch it on. For storage, simply screw it back into the socket and use it like normal. This also makes it easy to find in the dark since you’ll know where to find the torch at any point in time.

A clever and innovative design for a multipurpose light bulb that doubles up as a torch.

The Bulb Flashlight retails for $45 from MoMA Store.