transparent iphone app

Here’s an interesting app for the iPhone called MegaReader that comes with a function that focuses on safety while reading e-books on the go. What the e-book app does is turn the iPhone transparent while the user is reading the book, allowing one to see through the iPhone and avoiding any calamities like missing a step or bumping into a pole.

There isn’t any space-age technology magic involved like a transparency screen or stuff from Harry Potter stories though. All the app does is to make use of the iPhone’s rear view camera and use it as the backdrop of the e-book reading application to achieve the effect of the transparent iPhone.

This will allow the reading of e-books while walking and makes it safer as the iPhone no longer blocks the user’s line of sight in addition to allowing him/her to use peripheral vision for visual awareness.

Watch the Transparent iPhone E-book app in action:



Though in the video it shows the guy using the app on the iPhone while driving handsfree, which was meant to be a joke obviously; it’s significantly more dangerous to multi-task while driving and should never be done. Also, with the camera switched on while using the iPhone app will require more battery power than usual. Just be prepared to recharge it more often.

MegaReader on iTunes