treasure mug sinking cup 1

Here’s one mug that doesn’t look like an ordinary mug, but one that looks like it doesn’t conform to the laws of physics.

treasure mug sinking cup 2

This is a cup called the Treasure Mug that is made to look like a mug that is sinking through the surface it is sitting on. No matter where you place it, the mug will always look like its sinking through with a slant slightly to the side.

With the bottom part of the handle made to look like it has been trimmed off, it produces the illusion that the solid cup has sunk into the solid surface.

This will make one think that the table isn’t solid at all and will make a few people give the tabletop a feel just to make sure it isn’t fake.

An interesting design for a treasure-hunting themed cup that produces a cool illusion while being functional at the same time.

The treasure mug sinking cup retails for $19 from USB Geek.