With gaming consoles having the ability to get connected to the internet these days, it seems that the possibility of turning your gaming consoles into internet appliances is finally becoming a reality. In this case, the Nintendo Wii and PS3 are able to serve as online MP3 players with a few simple steps.

By signing up for a free account at MP3Tunes.com and paying for Wiiware which gives the Wii web browsing abilities, you will be able to access your favourite MP3 songs with Wii. If you have a PS3, all you need to do is to sign up for the free MP3tunes account as it already comes with a browser.

Wii MP3 Player

Learn how to do it after the jump.

Basically why the MP3tunes account is needed is because of its Music Locker feature that allows users to store an unlimited amount of MP3 songs into. Besides uploading your own songs, you are able to pick off music uploaded by other users into the locker as well. As long you have an internet connection and a web browser, you will be able to log into the Music Locker and have access to your songs online.

With the Music Locker set up, the next step is to use your gaming console’s browser and point them to the url of the 3rd-party application that connects to your MP3Tunes locker.

Nintendo Wii:

Standard Definition (SD) version (480 x 360):

High Definition (HD) scalable version:

The next step is to log into your MP3Tunes account and you will be able to listen to your songs from your gaming console via the internet.

Link to the detailed tutorials:
Nintendo Wii

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