nap massage bed rest 1

Sitting upright on a bed without a nice backrest can be painful when sitting for extended periods of time. Here’s one bed rest that not only lets you sit upright as though you are sitting comfortable on a couch, but also comes with a massage function as well.

nap massage bed rest 2

The nap Massage Bed Rest, as this is called, is a sturdy-looking plush cushion massaging backrest that can be placed right on the bed for sitting upright. While sitting upright on this bed rest, it is possible to do stuff like having breakfast in bed, doing some reading or also working on bed with a laptop or tablet computer without the fatigue of having your back supported only by a couple of stacked pillows.

A handy LED light that is connected to a flexible arm also lets you work with illumination at night, where it only provides only a small amount of light needed without disturbing your partner. A handy cup holder is also built into the arm rest, letting you embed a mug of beverage to go with while you work or simply relax on the chair.

A set of pockets at the side of the arm rest can be used for holding the remote as well as the book that you’re currently reading before sleep at night.

nap massage bed rest 3

When connected to AC power, the bed rest will let you turn it into a massage chair for massaging all that fatigue away. After everything is done, the bed rest can be folded down for easy storage.

The nap massaging bed rest retails for $99 from Amazon.