origami sticky note pad 1

Sticky notes are basically small memo pads that have their individual pages come with a patch of adhesive. What they do is let someone write a note and paste it onto just about any surface to act as a memo or reminder for yourself or someone else. Usually when the sticky notes have been used, or rather when the writing on it has served its purpose, the note simply gets thrown in the trash.

origami sticky note pad 2

origami sticky note pad 3

Here’s a set of origami sticky notes, which the name implies, is a set of sticky notes that can be turned into pieces of 3D paper art after use. Each sticky note pad comes with instructions for folding origami such as a sailboat, or animals such as a crane or pig. A good way of making use of those used sticky notes instead of throwing them down the trash.

A clever way of recycling paper from used sticky notes and also a nice way of spending some spare time for creating art out of paper.

The origami sticky note comes with 100 sheets per pad and retails for $8.12 from Amazon.