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Having a tough time trying to keep your kitchen organized with new kitchen tools and gadgets coming in all the time? Here’s one that is definitely going to be a keeper, since it’s a multipurpose 2-in-1 rolling pin with integrated flour sifter.

twisted sifter rollin pin flour sifter 2

twisted sifter rollin pin flour sifter 3

Usually going about sifting flour and then rolling out the dough requires multiple dedicated tools, but this is one tool that combines the flour sifter and rolling pin into one. The magic comes within one of the handles of the rolling pin.

Clicking the release button on the rolling pin, the handle pops out revealing a scoop with holes along one side. This is the flour sifter portion that lets you scoop up flour with the holes pointing up, and then turn it around so that the flour sifts through the holes. Since it comes in a pretty small size, you’ll be better off using a bigger sifter, but for recipes requiring less flour this will be helpful. After you’re done sifting and have worked the flour into dough, the sifting portion can be put back into place for it to work as a rolling pin for evening out the dough, while flour left inside the scoop handle can be clicked open and used for quick dusting of flour while rolling out the dough.

A clever idea for a rolling pin and flour sifter combo that helps to save space for keeping the kitchen tidy.

The Twisted Sifter is currently in production with an estimated price of $29.99 at release from Quirky.