Ultraman Casio Exilim camera

This is a Casio Exilim themed digital camera that comes with the Japanese superhero icon, Ultraman. Not only does this limited edition camera come splashed with images of this famous hero, you can even take pictures with Ultraman or his nemeses on the go with its composite imaging function!

On the outside the Ultraman camera does look a little retro and comes with a printed logo on the front. On the inside, the it comes with a special customised splash screen.

ultraman casio exilim composite image function

The special function of the camera is the ability to allow the user to capture composite images of subjects posing with Ultraman or taking actions shots like they’re fighting the bad guys in real-world surroundings. Definitely a fun gadget to carry around considering the fun and amusement that comes from taking photos of friends posing with imaginary stuff.

The Ultraman Casio Exilim camera will be available in limited quantities of 600 sets in Japan and reservations start from May 17, 2010.