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What does Ultraman and cup noodles have in common? Time that is. The time needed for your cup noodles to be cooked is approximately the time Ultraman gets the job done kicking the butt of a random gigantic monster and saving planet Earth in the process.

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This Ultraman cup noodle timer celebrating the series’ 45th anniversary, made to look like the indicator on Ultraman’s chest to remind him that he is unable to stay in the Earth’s atmosphere for more than 3 minutes will also tell you when your instant cup noodles have been cooked. The main indication is the presence of a blue light illumination and the resultant red light after 3 minutes has lapsed, telling you that the cup noodles that you have prepared are ready for eating.

It comes in two modes, normal and silent mode. In silent mode, only the colored light indication is active and in normal mode, the cup noodle timer will sound off the recognizable ‘pikon pikon’ warning sound continuously after two minutes and finally his ultimate ‘Shuwatchi!’ catchphrase at the three-minute mark.

Definitely one useful and cool gadget for both cup noodles lovers and fans of Ultraman. The Ultraman cup noodle timer will be released in December 2011 in Japan at a price of 2100 yen per piece. Now also available for international orders at Strapya-World for 2100 yen each.