umbrella tea infuser 1

Tiny umbrellas can usually be found in cocktails and exotic drinks by the pool or at the beach. You will almost never find it in a cup of hot tea. Or can you?

umbrella tea infuser 2

Here’s one umbrella that is made for going into a cup for making tea. It is pretty much a tea infuser  that’s made into the shape of an umbrella.

The inverted dome on the underside of the umbrella, contains just enough space for which the tea leaves go into. Apply on the lid and pop the umbrella and dunk it straight into a cup of hot water to brew tea.

The hook at the end of the umbrella allows it to hang by the shelf of the cup, allowing tea to infuse and makes it easy to remove it when the tea is ready.

An interesting looking tea infuser that makes brewing and drinking tea a little more fun.

The umbrella tea infuser retails for $15.99 from Animi Causa.