spilled-drink-tablecloth 1

Ever have the nasty nightmare of having a guest spill over a drink on your favorite tablecloth during a meal? This specially designed Underfull tablecloth by Kristine Bjaadal actually wants to be spilled over, for when it does happen a beautiful hidden design unravels as it absorbs the dampness and takes on the color of the spillage.

spilled-drink-tablecloth 2

Though it may sound uncomfortable for some, the tougher stains that manage to remain on the tablecloth even after washing will turn out to look like colored designs.


Probably at every meal then the host will be praying that someone will actually spill over a drink so the tablecloth will end up with a different design each time; or maybe the guest of honor can be invited to purposely spill one at the end of the meal to achieve the same effect. Over a period of time, the Underfull will definitely be one tablecloth that’ll be filled with colors and memories for recounting stories to friends and family.