upcycled nes game cartridge iphone ipod dock 1

If you happen to be one of those who still keep old stuff lying around in boxes stashed around somewhere, then you may have at some point thought of making use of them. Here’s one interesting way to modify and reuse old video game cartridges into something that can be used together with the modern smartphone, by transforming it into an iPhone dock.

upcycled nes game cartridge iphone ipod dock 2

This particular classis NES cartridge that used to hold the classic game, Excitebike, has been turned into such an item. Made by GeekUnique on Etsy, the upcycled NES game cartridge iPhone dock is compatible with iPhones up to 4GS and also iPods. definitely one cool way of bringing back some of that nostalgia back to life.

Doesn’t look too complicated to make for those who are used to creating DIY stuff given the necessary components but if you’ll like to own one right away without needing to hunt for the items and put it together, this upcycled NES cartridge iPhone/iPod dock retails for $24.95 on Etsy.