upside down teacup light 1

One piece of lighting that is sure to capture the hearts of tea lovers. This interesting light doesn’t look anything like a lamp but does look exactly like an upside down teacup with a tea bag hanging down from it. The big difference of course is that instead of serving tea, it gives off illumination to light up a room.

upside down teacup light 2

Called the pendant teelight, the upside-down teacup lamp comes with an E14 light-bulb fitting with a pull-down switch made to look like the string of a tea bag. The lampshade is actually made of china, a common material for teacups which makes the whole set-up seem even more convincing.

One uncommon and cool-looking piece of lighting that is bound to attract second looks. The upside-down teacup light retails for 79 euros at Das rote Paket.