urbio vertical storage wall organizer 1

Have lots of stuff just lying around on the table. Instead of having them laying on the table in a mess, organize them and put them on the wall instead with this vertical storage solution by Urbio.

urbio vertical storage wall organizer 2

The Urbio vertical storage is a set of wall-mounted panels and storage bins that turns the wall into an organization and storage space. The main material of the system is polypropylene, and magnets are the secret that keeps the containers of different sizes stuck to the wall. With the strong magnets, the storage containers are able to stay in place on the wall, yet can be moved around since they can be detached.

The containers of different sized can be arranged in any way to suit your taste and convenience, while freeing up the table from clutter so you can get some actual work done.

A cool organization system that is not only useful but fits the style of a modern home.

The Urbio vertical storage retails for $195 from The Fancy.