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In our modern world of hard lighting, sometimes the flame from a gas lamp of candle can bring about a sense of calmness and nostalgia. Here’s one LED lamp that looks and feels like a gas lamp.

blow lamp led usb lamp 2

blow lamp led usb lamp 3

This LED lamp, called the Blow USB lamp looks like a gas lamp, but doesn’t come with the hazards associated like fumes or the chance of it setting stuff accidently on fire.

It also comes with a cool feature. To switch it on or off, simply blow at the top. The LED bulb is powered by an internal battery via charging from USB power, so you’ll be able to bring it anywhere for usage. The level of brightness can also be adjusted using the dimmer switch.

A beautiful and nostalgic-looking lamp that can be used for mood lighting.

The USB blow lamp retails for $26 from Brando USB.