usb charger doctor 1

External power banks are pretty much a necessity nowadays as smartphone currently can’t run for a full day when heavy and intensive apps need to be used frequently. However, power banks themselves are prone to failure, and in the worst-case scenario can break your smartphone’s battery if it fails to provide a safe amount of current.

usb charger doctor 2

Here’s one current and voltage tester that is meant for testing the flow of electricity from a USB source to the receiving source. By placing it in the middle of a connection, for example, a power bank and a smartphone, it will report the amount of voltage and current that is passing through at that moment. It also provides a good way to verify that the power bank or USB charger that is tested actually works to manufacturers’ specifications.

A portable gadget that will be useful for testing and diagnostics purposes for devices that run on USB power.

The USB Charger Doctor retails for $12.50 from Amazon.