usb solar patio market umbrella 1

What umbrellas are good for is that they shield you from the sun and rain. What an ordinary patio umbrella can do, this patio umbrella can, and does a little more.

usb solar patio market umbrella 2

This market umbrella is a solar-powered umbrella. Besides sitting in the sun all day, with four solar panels located at the top it makes use of the sun’s rays to convert solar energy into something more useful, which is electrical energy for charging our gadgets.

The umbrella comes with USB charging ports at the stem, making it easy to connect your various devices like smartphones and tablets for charging up batteries low on power. With a 1000mA battery built internally within the solar umbrella, it is still able to provide a continuous flow of electrical power when the sun gets temporarily blocked by clouds passing by.

An interesting market umbrella for the patio which makes use of free renewable energy.

The USB charging solar market umbrella retails for $499.95 from Hammacher Schlemmer.