If you prefer visual alerts when it comes to incoming calls, forget about leaving the phone on the table on vibration mode and waiting for it to rumble. Meet the Ferris Wheel Phone Stand, a USB-powered phone stand that lights up and rotates when an incoming call is detected.

USB Ferris Wheel Phone Stand

This may not be a replica of the Singapore Flyer, but it might just get you into loving ferris wheels again(or not). It lights up and rotates to the tune of “Rock-A-Bye-Baby” when it detects a call. Fortunately there is an switch to disable the music before it starts to get annoying.

From the picture I am assuming the device works by detecting radio signals of the mobile frequency spectrum like the cute Mopods. There isn’t really much info except for the basic specs on the product website so I was guessing if it would only work with the HTC Touch, which I seriously doubt so. Anyway, the device can also be powered by 2 double-A batteries if there isn’t an extra USB port around.

Watch a video of the ferris wheel in action after the jump.

The Ferris Wheel Phone Stand is priced at US$27 (SGD$39.10) over at USB Geek’s online store.

via GeekAlerts