usb flexible neck led light bulb 1

Using a laptop in a dark environment can be bad for the eyes, but sometimes it can’t be helped . Here’s one light bulb that not only needs a free USB port on the laptop and you’ll be able to use it in a much brighter area.

usb flexible neck led light bulb 2

usb flexible neck led light bulb 3

This is an LED light bulb that is efficient enough to run off the current provided by a USB port. In addition, it does not give off as much heat compared to a conventional filament light bulb so it won’t damage anything near it as it illuminates. The flexible neck allows it to be adjusted to a suitable position and height for the best angle. It also won’t give off so much light as to disturb a sleeping partner and roommate during lights-out.

A useful design for a light bulb that runs off a USB port.

The USB flexible neck LED light bulb retails for $11.99 from Vat19.