usb optical mouse with pocket digital scale 1

There seems to be an influx of dual purpose mouse these days, like computer mice with hand warmers, cooling fans and such. However here’s one multi-purpose computer mouse that I haven’t thought of, and that’s one with a pocket digital scale built right into it!

usb optical mouse with pocket digital scale 2

usb optical mouse with pocket digital scale 3

For the mouse, it works just like a typical USB optical mouse in the market today, as for the digital scale it measures stuff ranging from 0.1-500 grams. The digital scale is detachable too, so if you need it somewhere else other than at the desk it’s possible to remove it from the mouse and use it elsewhere.

A pocket digital scale is rather useful, if you constantly need to weigh stuff for your job, but you’ll probably have a dedicated weighing scale for that purpose in the first place. Therefore this pocket digital scale mouse will be more ‘useful’ for killing time such as guessing the weight of random stuff found on the desk.


  • USB Optical Mouse
  • Integrated Scale
  • Easy Calibrate
  • Back light
  • Scale Max Capacity: 500g
  • Scale Readability: 0.1g
  • Scale Units: g, oz, gn, ct
  • Scale is power by 2 x AAA batteries (Included)
  • Dimension: 120 x 64 x 35mm (approx.) (For Mouse)
  • Dimension: 59 x 59 x 20mm (approx.) (For Scale)
  • Weight: 84g (Only for Mouse)
  • Weight: 63g (Only for Scale)

Package contents:

  • 1 x USB Optical Mouse with Pocket Digital Scale
  • 2 x AAA Batteries

The USB optical mouse with digital scale retails for $22 at USB Brando.