usb portable mini iron 1

Ironing is something that has to be done in a room, and not outdoors. However here’s one really portable mini iron that lets you iron on the go.

usb portable mini iron 2

usb portable mini iron 3

The USB iron can be powered by USB using the standard USB cable connected to an AC adaptor or directly from a laptop’s USB port. Not only that, it can also be powered by 3 AA batteries for true portability. In battery mode, you can put it in your pocket and activate as and when you need it.

Since it does not come in the traditional shape of the iron and from its size, the mini portable iron is most suitable for straightening out the creases on a tie or for the plaits on a skirt. A nifty gadget for those who need to look their best at all times of the day.

The USB mini portable iron retails for 980 yen from Japanese site eSupply.