usb-powered flipbook lamp 1

This is the USB Flip Lamp, a USB-powered lamp that looks like a pop-up book. This lamp not only looks unique, but is made in a way that lets you design your very own lamp based on your creativity and liking.

usb-powered flipbook lamp 2

usb-powered flipbook lamp 3

The USB Flip Lamp is made in the form of a flipbook, with the lampshade portion popping out in 3D. The first five pages of the book comes with pre-made designs, where you can select any page to use and change to another design whenever you wish to. However that’s not all, the remaining five pages at the end are made up of blank pages, and the idea is to allow you to create your own lamp designs in addition to the ones already provided.

The lamp comes with 9 LEDs which will provide lighting for a small desk or computer table. One lamp that will never look the same all the time with a backdrop that can be changed anytime to fit the mood as you wish.

The USB-powered Flipbook Lamp retails for $15 from Brando USB.