usb rose mood light portable speaker

When it comes of speakers, the typical ones that many think of are the monotone and square-shaped ones that usually don’t go well with the theme of a room. However this USB portable rose speaker is nothing like that sort.

This USB-powered speaker comes in the form of a translucent rose that glows in 7 colors, acting like a mood light. Not only it’s able to accept direct input from media players such as iPods via its audio jack, it’s also capable of reading MP3 and WMA files from different memory cards such as SD and MMC cards with its built-in card reader.

With an internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the rose mood light portable speaker turns into a portable speaker when it’s detached from the USB port. A creative-looking audio accessory gadget that will help to bring about a sense of calmness both at home and in the workplace, especially when paired with a medley of soothing tunes. Available for $22 at Brando.