usb tulip stick humidifier 1

Humidifiers come in many shapes and sizes, and here’s one that looks like a flower stalk in a glass of water. This tulip stick, is simply a simple-looking humidifier that will work when plugged into a USB port while sitting around in a glass of water.

usb tulip stick humidifier 2

The USB-powered tulip stick humidifier uses ultrasonic technology for turning water into water vapor for its humidifying task. It doesn’t look like it will make a big difference for a very large room, but will do fine in a small room, especially hotel rooms since it comes in a small size and very portable for use while travelling.

An interesting and pretty-looking portable humidifier that won’t look out of place on a desk or table.

The USB-powered tulip stick ultrasonic humidifier comes in 4 colors, ivory, yellow, pink, green, and retails for 3,150 yen from Japanese website IDEA International.