minecraft creeper plush toy with sound 1

One of the most sneakiest monsters in Minecraft has to be the creeper. Unlike the other mobs, they do not make any sound until they sneak in and get really close. Just because of that one has to be constantly be alert at all times so that they are able to react quickly enough to defeat it before it goes boom on you.

minecraft creeper plush toy with sound 2

Here’s one DIY Minecraft plush toy from Threnodi that makes the exact same sound as that in the game. Made of fleece and strips of velcro, this creeper with a built-in voice box will made the dreaded ‘psssssst’ and ‘boom’ sound when it is squeezed or hug tightly.

As it comes with velcro, the Minecraft creeper plush can also be arranged in its boom aftermath stage for those who prefer it to stay that way.

Besides using it as a room decoration for Minecraft gamers, this toy can also be used on unsuspecting gamers playing Minecraft just to give them a big surprise in real life while they’re mining around in a new cave or wandering around the map at night.

The Minecraft Creeper plush toy with sound retails for $50 from Threnodi’s Etsy shop.