real-life foam minecraft iron sword 1

The trusty iron sword. The iron sword that is crafted from iron and wood in the game Minecraft. While not a diamond sword, it can still prove useful for defending and slaughtering the hordes of zombies, skellies, creepers and the occasional Enderman in within the game.

real-life foam minecraft iron sword 2

Here’s one sword that is made to the shape and look of the iron sword in Minecraft. One that you can carry around with you at all times in the dark to protect yourself from real-life evils.

While not made of real iron or wood but durable EVA foam, the iron sword will allow you to pummel your friends or foes without causing serious injury, and of course you can also bring it on your trips to cosplay parties and Minecraft conventions as part of your inventory.

The real- foam Minecraft iron sword retails for $19.99 on ThinkGeek.