rice cube sushi maker mold

For Japanese food lovers, there is usually the main staple involved, and that’s sushi. Besides heading down to the nearest Japanese food outlet to buy some, you can also try your hand at making some. However the traditional tools for making sushi such as the sushi mat can be a hassle to use at times.

The rice cube sushi mold is a quick and easy way to make homemade sushi cubes. In addition to making it easy to make bite-sized sushi, the sushi maker will also allow your creativity to flow as it makes it possible to experiment with different ingredients so there will only be minimal wastage in the event of a bad combination. Simply by using the rice cube set, one can make delicious and nutritious sushi any time when the craving hits.

Watch the video of the Rice Cube sushi maker in action below:



One interesting alternative for making sushi besides using traditional tools like a bamboo sushi mat.

The Rice Cube sushi maker set retails for $24 from Amazon.