takara tomy human musical instrument toy 1

This unique toy called the Ningen Gakki in Japanese or human musical instrument is a toy from Takara Tomy of Japan. Using the human body as the base for making music, the musical toy allows up to 4 people to play along as they produce sound effects and make music simply by touching each other.

takara tomy human musical instrument toy 2

The toy works by passing a very small current across the players and detects the changes in conductivity and resistance when the players touch each other. This in turns activates the various sounds that are pre-programmed in the Ningen Gakki toy such as funny sound effects and musical tunes.

Watch the video of the Ningen Gakki toy in action below:




What’s cool is the mandatory interaction needed between the players in order to produce music, thereby improving relationships of family members and friends through the magic of touch. Hopefully it doesn’t turn too ugly in the event that it escalates to a game of beat-up.

The Takara Tomy Ningen Gakki toy goes for 5300 yen at Geek Stuff 4 U.