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Finding it hard to watch a video from your smartphone without needing to prop it up with one hand? Here’s one colorful smartphone clip stand that can clip to the side of a table conveniently.

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smartphone clip stand 3

The main convenience that this smartphone clip stand offers is the way it allows a smartphone to be propped up for viewing purposes. It is made with a clip on one side and a clamp-style holder on the other. The clip is made so that it can be attached to the side of a table. This way, it does not need any space on the flat surface at the table at all, leaving it free for stuff like a laptop or study materials.

In addition to its ability to be clipped to the side of the table, it also comes with side extensions that can be used to stabilize the base of the smartphone holder when used as a basic stand that sits on top of the table. The flexible neck also allows the smartphone to be adjusted for the best viewing angle.

A useful and multipurpose smartphone clip stand that will help to save space on small tables.

The smartphone clip stand retails for $20.10 from Amazon.