Have you stepped out of the house on a sunny day preparing to go for a swim and wondering whether the intensity of ultraviolet rays calls for the need of an application of sunblock? There will be no need for any wild speculation if you have this UV measuring keychain.

UV Measuring Keychain

The UV Keychain uses 3 colour codes to compare the intensity of UV radiation of the sun measured in the centre portion. This gadget would be useful as you will know when its time to avoid the sun.

What came to mind when I saw this gadget was a Japanese movie and a drama adaptation I watched a year ago. Both were titled ‘Taiyou no Uta’ (A Song of The Sun). In the movie and drama the female character contracted a cruel and incurable disease called X.P (xeroderma pigmentosum) which prevents the skin from repairing itself after being damaged by ultraviolet rays leaving the patient to live an entire life away from direct and indirect sunlight.

Back to the device, this would really be a good item to carry around as a prevention of skin related diseases caused by UV radiation. Statistics have shown that skin cancer is the fastest growing type of cancer in the UK so everyone should be aware of the dangers of prolonged and intense UV radiation.

The UV Keychain is going for £2.99 (SGD$9) at AU-MY’s online store and part of the proceeds will go to Cancer Research UK.

A video introduction of the product after the jump.

via 2dayBlog