valentine's day chocolate cake iphone 4 case 1

Food themed iPhone 4 cases never cease to amaze me. Just like the 3D sushi iPhone 4 case featured not too long ago, this Valentine’s Day chocolate cake iPhone 4 case also comes in 3D form, and looks even more realistic and tasty.

valentine's day chocolate cake iphone 4 case 2

Besides performing its job of protecting the iPhone from scratches, the chocolate cake casing will also remind the owner of her loved one every time she takes a look at her mobile phone or even remotely thinks about tasty Valentine’s Day chocolate cakes.

The cake comes as a rectangular chocolate cake with sprinkled cocoa powder topped off with cranberries, raspberries and a strawberry. It sure looks like a contender to the edible ones that can be found on Valentine’s day.

A perfect gift for a loved one on February 14th. Comes with that bit of practicality and still lasts longer than edible cakes. Available for 3990 yen each at Strapya-World.